My family, faith, and friends are the most important part of my life, and I am passionate about creating predictable retirement income strategies for my clients.”

Steve has a finance career spanning over 20 years. He spent the last three years focusing on helping clients create predictable retirement income.

Steve helps his clients hedge against market volatility and hedge against taxes when possible. Steve is completely independent, so his client’s interests are always his only focus. He lives in Frisco with his wife and twin 1st graders. 


Steve Wood grew up in Rockville, Maryland, in a family of six children and two loving parents. Growing up, one of his most incredible memories was playing soccer while his father screamed encouragement from the sidelines.


As a twin with his own twins, Steve can relate to his children’s competitiveness and sibling bond. In his spare time, Steve loves to work out, listen to music, teach his kids math, and tell dad jokes to help make his kids lighthearted.

For Steve, his family, faith, and friends are the most critical parts of his life. Steve has been featured as a speaker and author in national podcasts and hundreds of seminars about retirement.

He finds fulfillment in contributing time and money to animal rescue groups.



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