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We understand the challenges of retirement today and know the biggest concern for many is outliving their money. We are a  strong advocate for creating tax-free income streams whenever possible. 

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Most of my clients paid way too much for health insurance. I have seen healthy families paying over $3,000 per month for coverage that includes very high deductibles. Health insurance by its nature requires the healthy to help pay for the sick. Healthy people can save up to 50-75% off their monthly payments with similar benefits to their families by joining a sharing program instead.  By limiting the pool to relatively healthy people, the costs are far lower for everyone in the sharing pool. With programs for under $400/month for a family of 4, the savings can be substantial and budget saving.

A Unique Health Sharing StrategyIf you are healthy, stop subsidizing the very sick, since Obamacare, the healthy pay up to 75% too much to pay for the sick.

Take advantage of prescription drug pricing at wholesale costs.

Will this work for you? How much will you save?all good questions, schedule a quick call now.

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